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Girls in the Game Ringette Program

Regina’s Girls in the Game organization is all about building self-esteem and building life skills through sport. “It’s empowering working with young people new to sports, it’s about building skill and relationships with your teams”, remarked Kaylan Berg, CEO of Girls in the Game.

Girls in the Game was founded in 2008 by Dr. June Zimmer, and in 2017 Kaylan Berg and Raynelle Fisher took over as CEO and CFO.

“Reading through the mission and the website, I knew I wanted to be connected with it,” reflected Berg. “As a previous university athlete, sport has played a huge role in my life - learning life skills, building relationships, and building my own self-esteem. For me, so many personal and professional successes connect directly back to sports. Through Girls in the Game, we want to empower young girls to have the opportunity to fall in love with sport and experience that growth!”

Girls in the Game provides life skill experiences like time management, conflict resolution, positive mindset, leadership, determination, perseverance, and resilience.

“This is what we do at Girls in the Game”, explained Berg. “Developing skills in sport is all about practice and repetition. At Girls in the Game, we focus on building fundamental movement and sport skills, but also on giving the girls opportunities to "rep" self-esteem and life skills. Just like you would practice a shot, serve, or a pass, you have to practice self-esteem to improve!"

The Regina Ringette Association and Girls in the Game have a lot in common with their values, and have partnered with a ringette program. “I’m excited about our partnership with Regina Ringette because it’s exciting to be on the ice and in the arena,” said Berg. “This is a new partnership with us. We’re excited to be working with quality coaches, with coaches that align with our values.”

The program starts February 11 and runs every Thursday evening to March 18. There are two age groups: 6-8 years old, and 9-11 years old. No experience necessary! This program is designed for girls who are new to the sport and who are eager to get out on the ice and learn something new.

To register, visit the Girls in the Game website at

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