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Mindset of a Champion

It’s time to break free of your limitations and unleash your true potential! Former pro athlete and long-time Saskatchewan Roughrider, Ventson Donelson, will be performing his motivational speech, Mindset of a Champion, exclusively for Regina Ringette league members! His inspiring talk leaves athletes motivated and inspired with actionable tools to build the mindset to activate their “true potential”. As a professional athlete, he knows firsthand what it takes not just physically but mentally to become an elite athlete. Get a sneak peak of what you can expect via this short video:

This event is open to all teams U14 and up! Ventson has graciously volunteered his time for our athletes, but we are collecting a nominal fee of $25 per team (includes all players and coaches) or $50 per team to include the parents and siblings of the team as a show of appreciation for his time. Please register at Register before February 1st!

Ventson is also a certified life coach and DiSC facilitator. Visit his website at

Space is limited to 300 people. First teams to respond will be accepted. Please express your interest by filling out the attached form. Do not send any money until your acceptance has been confirmed.


“After listening to Ventson’s inspirational speech on having the mindset of a champion, it helped guide me to do my best, push through my obstacles and increase my confidence in the sport of Ringette” – Payten Mushumanski, Ringette Player

“Ventson’s mindset of a champion was inspiring a motivating. It made me realize the importance of commitment and to never take anything for granted.” - Falon Wilker, Ringette Player

“As a coach I was sceptical about how the female athletes would respond to a male football player. The response was amazing. It inspired my athletes to be more committed, to perform

their best and never take the sport for granted. It evoked emotion and I am excited to invite my

team back again! I highly recommend attending” – Tania Orr, Ringette Coach

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