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Confidence goes hand-in-hand with mastery of skill and developing self-esteem. When a child learns to play ringette, they develop a skill they are proud of. It feels good knowing you have skills that not everyone has. You feel special, and with the right encouragement, want to keep developing those skills. Besides the positive psychological development, it’s also a great way to develop motor skills while providing physical fitness! Ringette is a non-contact team sport, and an excellent way of developing strong skating ability.

Learning to play the game of ringette in our affordable Children's Ringette program is an excellent way to learn how to skate and develop skills while building confidence and making friends.

"I love ringette because I get to meet new friends, skate, score goals AND I love my coaches. Ringette also helps build my confidence and helps me not be so shy."

Haley F. – 10 years old; Red Deer, AB

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