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"I love ringette because almost every season new players join our team and we almost immediately become friends."

Katy B – 14 years old; North Van, BC


Being a member of a ringette team is special. As a great Canadian team sport, players have an opportunity to find a position that suites their personal skills and limitations. One unique aspect of the game is the need to pass the object of play; the ring. One player can not go from one end to the other with the ring; at least two passes are required. This means everyone has a chance to be included and involved. It’s an excellent way of developing cooperation and a willingness to sacrifice personal interests for the good of the team. It also adds a great deal of speed and excitement to the game!


Ringette is a great way of learning social skills and making friends. As a team sport that relies on passing, it generates a “we” feeling. Teams often get team hoodies or team wear, and players wear their team gear with pride with their teammates, or even at school or home. It’s a special feeling knowing you belong to a team.


Experiences such as going on an away tournament, winning a medal, or losing a tough game form bonds among young players that may last a lifetime. Ringette teams often socialize outside the rink. Teammates are often invited to birthday parties, or form group chat platforms on social media. Because ringette is a female-dominated sport, the sense of belonging is unique and strong.

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