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Ringette Girls Rule - Ringette Rocks v2.


Ringette is a spectacular team sport to compliment your young girl’s development. Although boys can and do play ringette, it is a female-dominated sport and offers strong female role models.

Young children playing ringette are offered an environment where they develop, have fun, play, socialize, and participate in a uniquely female-dominated sport. Youth ringette teams require a minimum of one certified female coach. Ringette teams may have an all-female bench staff, or may have both female and male coaches (dad can coach too)! More and more ringette players are growing into confident adults who continue to play ringette, become ringette referees (and earn money), or ringette coaches for the next generation!

Playing ringette develops leadership skills, boots self-confidence, and teaches how to deal with both successes and failures.


"Ringette was where I met my role models and my best friends. I love ringette because to me it’s more than a sport, it’s a way of life."

Claire C. – 17 years old; Ottawa, ON

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