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Coaches Rock Ringette - Even the Post-Game Handshake Has Changed

Before ringette game play came to a halt, public health orders meant that teams had to do even the smallest things different including demonstrations of sportsmanship.

Because of the pandemic, the traditional close contact handshake at center ice had to be scrapped.

Scott McBeth (right) poses with his daughter Abby.

Coaches in the U12B division came up with an old school salute to their opposition at game’s


“A few of the coaches in U12 talked

about doing ‘three cheers,’ and then lining the girls up across the blue line to raise their sticks in salute of the other team,” said Scott McBeth, coach of the 12B Vibe. “I think that they all liked it.”

McBeth says that ringette has always been about working hard while demonstrating sportsmanship. “As coaches we all thought demonstrating sportsmanship with the other team was important,” he said. “The girls all understand that it’s a meaningful gesture to show your respect to the other teams, no matter the result.

“I prefer this new way actually, it has forced us to be more conscious about why we are doing it. I feel like ringette has always done this very well.”

McBeth says that with so much change happening during this pandemic season, the new way to shake hands wasn’t a big deal for his players.

“They were unphased, actually,” he said. “They just needed to know what the new ritual was going to be.”

Meanwhile, McBeth says the season has been full of challenges for coaches as they try to balance public safety with a meaningful experience for their players.

“We miss the connection to the girls (and parent group) that we’ve enjoyed in previous seasons,” he said. “We have had to be more creative and intentional about how we make those connections or conversations. It’s forced us to be more effective coaches I think. Ultimately, we are learning and growing as a team each time we’re on the ice, and the girls are still having fun... so I think that’s the important measuring stick for us!”

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